14. Dallas, Texas

Texas is huge. I know I’m not telling anyone anything they don’t already know here, but after you’ve driven from El Paso to Dallas in a day, the word “huge” takes on new meaning. The drive–which takes you from I-10 to I-20 to I-30, a fact I particularly liked–starts out with El Paso’s pretty, mountainous … More 14. Dallas, Texas

13. El Paso, Texas

El Paso got off to an inauspicious start. When we finally made it in–after doing Marfa, Terlingua and Big Bend that day, not to mention our border patrol delay–it was past 11 p.m., and we went directly to Chico’s Tacos–a fast food staple a friend had recommended. We were instructed to order a single fries … More 13. El Paso, Texas

11. Marfa, Texas

After swinging back through Austin, we hit the road for Marfa, and oh, what a long road it was. Marfa is essentially in the middle of nowhere, accounting for some of its appeal; it’s an artsy little enclave in the desert with plenty of space to do its own thing. At first, we enjoyed the drive … More 11. Marfa, Texas

10. Uncertain, Texas

You know when you’re travelling and you hear about something and you’re like, how could we NOT do this? That was visiting Uncertain, Texas–a town that, according to dear old friend Wikipedia, boasted a population of 150 people as of the 2000 census. As if the name alone wasn’t enough to prompt a trip, we’d paddled past … More 10. Uncertain, Texas

8. Austin, Texas

I try to be nothing when traveling if not opportunistic–as in, taking the opportunity to see everything I can while in a new corner of the world…even if it’s not always within reason. So when it came time to move my boyfriend Jake out of South Texas, we constructed a whirlwind of a road trip to … More 8. Austin, Texas