66. Tha Ton, Thailand

Overview: Lonely Planet describes the northern village of Tha Ton as a “jungle outpost,” and in a way, it does feel like that. We encountered travelers from all over the world passing through–and some expat lifers who may have started out that way once upon a time. How I got there: This was the one … More 66. Tha Ton, Thailand

36. Xi’an, China

Before we get to Xi’an, I’m going to try out a new format for these posts. I’m hoping this will make following along–and replicating these journeys, should one choose to do so–a little bit easier. Now, without further ado… Overview: I really, really liked Xi’an. I know most people probably don’t go for it as … More 36. Xi’an, China

35. Beijing, China

I’m gonna start this post off with an apology, because–not kidding–most of my travel notes from China look like this: I’m not apologizing for going around China saying this to people, nor am I apologizing for thinking this kind of thing is hilarious. But I am apologizing that I didn’t take better notes on, you know, the … More 35. Beijing, China