4. Baltimore, Maryland

Ohh, hey there. We have lots to catch up on–including a bona fide cross-country road trip, a Eurotrip and lots more (it’s almost May, after all). First, though, Baltimore.

I’ve been pretty open about my love affair with Baltimore, so it may not surprise you that it was one of the first cities I hit in 2016. Since I usually visit on day trips, it’s taken awhile to get to know the lay of the land. But it’s been fun seeing the city piece by piece, and on this trip, I added a couple more to the puzzle.

Go: My friend Rachel and I drove up for the day to see our favorite Baltimore resident, Sapna. From DC, it’s about an hour, and on weekends–when the MARC schedule can get a little weird–sometimes it just makes sense.

Do: One near-mandatory stop on every trip to Baltimore is Trohv, a shop on “The Avenue” that I’ve written about before. If I could afford to, I’d drape my entire apartment in its contents, but usually I just go and ogle. This time, it was coasters from Fog Linen that left me feeling all heart-eyes-emoji.

Courtesy of trohvshop.com

Eat: We checked out the brand-new Mt. Vernon Marketplace for the first time–an establishment akin to my beloved DC neighbor, Union Market–and it didn’t disappoint. For one, it had a vendor called “Big Bean Theory” that was essentially my personal heaven. We all shared some bean salsa and bean hummus, and I threw in some bean soup for good measure. Sapna and Rachel, because they’re normal eaters, checked out a few of the other vendors , like Pinch Dumplings, but I was content to bask in bean glory. (Is this awkward? I’m sorry.)



In all seriousness though, I highly recommend the market and can’t wait to go back. There were still a lot of “Coming Soon” signs when I was there, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else moves in.


Next time: Sapna and Emily recently took an Indian cooking class at the Baltimore Chef Shop, which offers a range of different technique workshops and menu-based classes.

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