60. Providence, Rhode Island (and Route 102)

This title of this post is sort of a misnomer, since we drove most of the length of the state of Rhode Island before actually arriving in Providence. What I’m saying is that you’re about to get more bang for your buck in this post.

With our remaining time in Rhode Island after the wedding, our main objective was to see fall foliage. We’d asked an employee at the rental car company in Providence for suggestions, and he recommended following the state’s Route 102. Later, we found this article, which became our roadmap for what to see along the drive. Read that and you’ll get a more thorough overview than I can give you here.

As for Providence, I unfortunately only saw it on the dark, since it was so late by the time we finished the 102 drive. But, as I said, foliage was the main objective.

How I got there:
We drove up to North Smithfield from Newport to begin the drive, and once we finished–in Wickford–we headed to Providence. Rhode Island is so tiny.


Where I stayed:
Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel. Mostly, we just needed somewhere to sleep for the night after emptying our pockets in Charleston and Newport, and this did the trick.

What I did:
We followed the Route 102 article as best we could, making all the stops the writer made and then some, when we saw pretty places to photograph.

















When we finally reached Providence, we took a walk along the edge of the Brown and RISD campuses. Love those spooky Halloween vibes.




Where I ate/drank:
On Route 102, we stopped at Wright’s Farm Restaurant, as directed. This was more of a cultural experience than a culinary experience–I heard some of the most serious accents I’ve ever heard in the ladies room. It was a no-frills, family-style place with fixed prices and all-you-can-eat portions of chicken, bread, fries, salad and macaroni with tomato sauce. The iceberg lettuce salad was legit good, though. I don’t know how they did it.


In Providence, we hit Harry’s Bar & Burger for sliders and local craft beers.


What I missed:
I still need to go back and properly see the city of Providence. Outside this trip, I’ve only spent a few hours there.

If you get there before I do, here are some recommendations from friends of mine who grew up or went to school there:
Meeting Street Cafe for a cookie
East Side Pockets for falafel
North for tapas
The Avery, a bar across the street from North
Nick’s on Broadway for brunch
Chez Pascal for French food
Providence G hotel for a rooftop bar


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