55. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Chapel Hill is a college town, and it feels like one. I don’t at all mean that in a bad way. There’s a certain vibrancy to college towns, but this one still has that laid-back southern feel, too. And campus is beautiful. I’m sure it’s a lovely place to spend four years as an undergrad. Just don’t expect to find too much in the way of city life–nearby Durham and Raleigh, while also home to universities, can provide more in that department.

How I got there:
We drove from DC, taking I-95 to I-85. I-95 is eternally dreadful. While Google Maps says this drive should take about 4.5 hours, it’s almost always more.

Where I stayed:
Emily and I camped out in Rachel’s apartment in nearby Carrboro–the subject of this post from earlier in the year–for the week, conveniently missing the Pope’s entire DC visit.

What I did:
We didn’t spend much time in Chapel Hill, but we did walk around a bit to get a sense of it. We started by going down Franklin Street, one of Chapel Hill’s main thoroughfares and the hub of activity for college students. And after that, we explored a piece of campus, which was just starting to show off some fall colors.





Where I ate:
Nowhere, since it was Yom Kippur. By break-fast time, we were back in Carrboro, demolishing Carrburritos.


What I missed:
Southern food. I’ve had it in Chapel Hill before–at Mama Dip’s–and it’s definitely worth going back to. One day, I’ll see a UNC basketball game, too.

Outside at Mama Dip’s, circa August 2013

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