54. Mt. Airy, Maryland

In case it wasn’t clear in the Germantown post, I really like fall–and farms. Mt. Airy’s Gaver Farm was the site of another Friday-afternoon adventure for me, this time with my friend Lauren.

Gaver was a delightful farm with plenty of activities for kids (and adults, if you, like me, are interested in that sort of thing).


How I got there:
Drove. It took us about an hour and 10 minutes to get there, though again, be wary of traffic–especially on a Friday.

What I did:
Gaver had a lot of the attractions you’d expect from a farm in the fall, but they were really, really good. For instance, there was a this trampoline-like area that I can’t really describe, but it was the bounciest surface I’ve ever run across. We had a lot of fun on that until actual kids came along and wanted to use it.


It also had adorable pigs, rabbits, etc.–plus a badass turkey.


Where we spent most of our time, though–however unintentionally–was the corn maze. Being as it was the middle of the afternoon and everyone else was there with young children, we were the only people in the maze, so we were really on our own. And I was thinking, family friendly, fall fun, easy corn maze. Right? Wrong. It took us a solid 45 minutes at least to make our way out, and we didn’t find the exit until I was seriously weighing calling the front office and asking them what the hell we were supposed to do.



Photo credit to Lauren on this one


Where I ate:
We actually ate before arriving–neither of us had ever been to a Wegmans before, and when we passed one on the way, we felt like we should see what the hype was about. I honestly don’t really get it, though they did have nice outdoor seating.

At Gaver, though, there’s a farm market with plenty of ciders, jams, GOURDS, etc. that you can buy to take home with you, so we hit that up, naturally.


What I missed:
The Apple Harvest Festival, which, according to the website, apple cider donuts, apple pies, caramel apple walnut pies, caramel apple pie fudge, hot and cold apple cider and apple cider slushies.

You can also book a private hayride around the farm for you and 34 of your best friends, in case you were wondering.

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