52. Germantown, Maryland

Would you look at that, everyone?? We made it to 52!…twice, since I went back to Germantown multiple times in search of fall.


Germantown’s Butler’s Orchard has fall down to a science. There’s fruit or flowers to be picked no matter when you go, and once it turns October, there’s the Pumpkin Festival, which is basically what my dreams are made of.

How I got there:
Driving from DC, it’s about a 45-minute trip–though going back into the city can take (much) longer on a Friday afternoon, which is my preferred time for adventures. Traffic starts early.

What I did:
Emily and I went out to Butler’s for the first time in September, when it was still pretty hot and too early to visit the pumpkin patch. But there were still plenty of apples to pick mid-way through the month, and plenty that weren’t even ready yet (those rows were blocked off, but we may have clandestinely grabbed a few apples from over there anyway).




What I loved perhaps even more, though, was the HUGE area for pick-your-own flowers. The variety was amazing.




Where I ate:
There’s a farm market that you hit before making your way out to the fields. I’ll just leave the link to their bakery page here.

What I missed:
The first time we went, it was too early for the Pumpkin Festival–so we went back on Halloween day for hayrides, the pumpkin patch, games, pie, cider, doughnuts, etc. Definitely more fun as an adult with no one monitoring your daily sugar intake.









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