43. Cockeysville, Maryland

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My mom came to town in August for the aptly named Hot August Music Festival–an event we learned has been going on annually for upwards of 20 years. The event had plenty of space, plenty of food, and–wait for it–real, clean bathrooms. A+.

How I got there:
We drove out to Cockeysville, Maryland for the show, which was in an oddly themed part of town; the festival itself was in Oregon Ridge Park, and we also passed Beaver Damn Road, etc. If anyone can explain the Oregon link, I’d appreciate it.


What I did:
We stayed from mid-afternoon on watching performances. As promised, it was hot, but there was plenty of shade; the stage was at the bottom of a hill, so you could sit farther back and still get a decent view down. That’s where I watched most of the performers, save these guys, who I had to see up close.

FullSizeRender (36)
Punch Brothers

Where I ate:
Just about all of the myriad food tents, at some point or another. Options were solid. This was probably the highlight, though.


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