41. Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls

We couldn’t leave Oregon without seeing a few more landscapes on our last day in Portland–and luckily, they were close by.

The Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway stretches 70 miles, taking you through the Columbia River Gorge (a national scenic area and one of Oregon’s Seven Wonders).

If you like waterfalls, gorgeous vistas, pine-studded roads and wildflowers, this trip is for you. If not, go home.

How I got there:
Remember that expensive car we rented in Portland? Let’s just say we got our money’s worth.


What I did:
We picked up the HCRH (instructions on how to do that here) and meandered along the river, stopping at various points along the way until we reached Multnomah Falls. One such stop: a lavender farm, and if you haven’t read this post, let me tell you right now that I freaking LOVE lavender farms.



And don’t worry, they had sunflowers, too.



Another roadside stop:



And yet another. This is when I decided I wasn’t going back to DC.


Multnomah Falls itself was beautiful, too, albeit pretty crowded. From there, we hopped on I-84 and went straight to the highway (reluctantly).



What I missed:
We could have driven on and on and on along the Columbia River, and I’m sure there are endless things to see and trails to hike (including Angel’s Rest, a gorge trail recommended to us by one of our waiters in Portland). Next time, Oregon. Next time.

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