38. St. Michael’s, Maryland


Overview: Getting to the Maryland shore is quite the task–especially in July, when traffic can be horrendous. We only wanted a day trip with that kitschy, summery vibe, and the waterside St. Michael’s nailed it.




How I got there: I stayed with my friends Rachel and Sapna at Sapna’s place in Baltimore on a Saturday night, and after hitting up the farmer’s market (see this post for more on that), we made the 1.5-hour trip across the bay to St. Michael’s.

What I did: It was blistering hot, so we mostly just hung out by the water to watch the boats and catch the breeze. On the walk back to the car, we popped into the shops to admire the waspy wares for beach-town folks that we’d never want to buy–and to take advantage of the AC.


Where I ate:
We dined at iconic-looking The Crab Claw in St. Michael’s, a seafood restaurant on the water. I ate French fries (top-notch ones, I’ll give them that), but I was really in it for the views (of ducks!) and the breeze. Rachel and Sapna gave the real food good reviews, too.



What I missed: This lighthouse tour looks like it could have been cool…



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