Next up: Chicago

F123A850-31E3-4C17-B82F-E8EFFF2D4D97Ohh, the holidays. A time to celebrate, relax and reflect.

My celebrating’s actually over, and I’ve never been good at relaxing. Reflecting, though? That’s in order–in the form of at LEAST 17 more city posts coming your way by the end of the year (Spoiler: There are more).

I’ll be penning those from my favorite city in world, and with any spare time, I’m hoping to check out a few new-to-me spots, including Gather Home + Lifestyle, Kaiser Tiger and C.C. Ferns. Hoping they’ll join a list of Chicago establishments I’ve tried and loved this year that already includes the likes of Dusek’s, Cellar Door Provisions, Bohemian House, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate and Perennial Virant.

Oh, and might try to squeeze one more day trip in there, too. I’m ready to finally see what Indianapolis is all about.

Stay tuned!

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