Dreaming of: Around the World

It’s the ultimate dream, at least for me: using a round-the-world airplane ticket to visit multiple continents on one trip. I know I’ve got the miles for it, but using them to accomplish the feat is getting more and more difficult. You can, however, still do it on Star Alliance, which has a trip-planning tool built into its website. I’ve been toying with it all week (I mean…working really hard at work), and I’ve finally come up with my 5 allotted destinations:

Washington, DC –> Rio de Janeiro –> Marrakech –> Tblisi –> Manila –> Christchurch –> Washington, DC

RTW Awards

Of course, where I’d actually use this ticket would wholly depend on how much time I had to go globetrotting. I’d also want to do tons of side trips by bus, car and rail (which you can also add into the planning tool when creating your itinerary). While this is still a mythical trip, though, I’m just going to keep it to basics. 😉

Here’s some more info from the experts on round-the-world awards and how to book them.

What are your five?!

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