33. Catlett, Virginia


Attention! Before you read this and decide you desperately want to go to a lavender farm, be informed that in some places–Catlett, Virginia, for instance–the season can be very short. I was told to come in early June–or as close as possible.

Unfortunately, the first time I was told that, it was August. So when June came around again, this trip was 10 months in the making.

My friend Emily and I drove out to Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, a family-owned business about an hour from DC. Once we got there, the people working there gave us a run-down on the different types of lavender–which were best for baking, which were best for drying and making sachets, etc. Then, after buying a lavender-lemon cupcake and some lavender lemonade (heart eyes emoji), we grabbed a basket and a scissors and headed out to the fields.




They also had a wreath-making tutorial you could participate in, an herb garden where you could pick other plants, and lavender iced tea to purchase (did that, obviously).

But the real spending bonanza happened at the farm’s gift shop. While picking the flowers was fun, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that buying the farm products wasn’t just as good a time. We left with everything from lavender scones to lavender pancake mix to ingredients for a lavender-oatmeal bath soak. Had to stock up till next June, after all.


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