22. Baltimore, Maryland

A lot has happened since the year’s first trip to Baltimore and today. AKA… I’ve been to Baltimore about 16 times since then. Since it’s $8 to get there on the MARC commuter line–and just a one-hour drive if you have a car–I’ve been visiting on the regular. I have a good friend up there who’s been showing me around, and I’m now convinced the city is 100 million times cooler than DC.

While I still feel like I’ve only barely scratched the surface, here’s a list of some favorites by neighborhood.

Fell’s Point:
Brightside Boutique – Great boutique right near the water. You can go before or after wandering around the nearby cobblestone streets with brick houses and brightly colored doors.
Max’s Taphouse – Where you can send any males in your party to choose from an excellent selection of beers while you’re shopping at Brightside.



Trohv – Home goods store that is my heaven. Not gonna lie, I’ve glommed on to peoples’ Baltimore plans before just for an excuse to stop there.
Le Garage – Great beer list, amazing food, frites with a long list of dipping sauces.
The Food Market – Went with a group of 6, ordered one of basically everything…and the things we didn’t order, they brought to us voluntarily, for free. Can’t ask for more than that.
The Charmery – Ice cream place at the end of 36th–a.k.a. “The Avenue.” So you can either stroll it with ice cream in hand, or, if you’re going the other way, grab it when you finish. Good thinking.

FullSizeRender (46)
Succulents at Trohv
FullSizeRender (47)
Welcome to The Food Market

Canton/Brewers Hill:
Of Love and Regret – This place blew my mind. One of Baltimore’s best beer selections and inventive food that’s SO FREAKING GOOD to accompany it. (Just LOOK AT THIS. Flash-fried Halloumi with lavender honey, port-soaked figs and apricots. Is this real life?)
Atwater’s – I’d tried bread Atwater’s’ bread from the farmers’ market before, and going to their actual restaurant was just as incredible.
Vaccaro’s – Italian pastry place in Canton Square, which is adorable. I don’t like cannolis, but for those who do…

Baltimore Farmers’ Market – Largest on the East Coast, I believe. I don’t know how to verify this, but it’s pretty big, I promise.
Camden Yards – One of the best ballparks in America, no matter who you ask. You can find craft beer around if you look for it, though the food options still leave something to be desired. Old Bay fries, though.
The Brewer’s Art – Brewpub whose beers you’ll find on draft all over the city–and outside of it, too.
Wine Market Bistro – Took a lovely trip here for brunch during Baltimore Restaurant Week. Saw someone’s macaroni halfway through, got food envy, and ordered my own. Wine shop attached.
L.P. Steamers – I don’t eat crabs, but I watched people eat them here, and it looked objectively good, if that’s a thing. And when the website says “no frills,” it means it. Be prepared to wait.


Farmers’ market finds

FullSizeRender (45)

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