19. New York, New York

I can’t remember the last time I was in New York City for even 48 whole hours at a time, and that’s not nearly enough time to see all my favorite people, do all all my favorite things and eat at all my favorite institutions–let alone try out new stuff. But this time, Jake had a paid-for hotel room through work, and I bookended a weekend with two short weekday stints, meaning I had free time while everyone I knew was at work.

The first thing I did was take Jake for some of my favorites–ramen at Kambi and cheesecake at Veselka (my list is somewhat East Village heavy thanks to my friend Nikki, who has lived there for the last few years–and we were staying in striking distance at The Marcel at Gramercy). But later, I got a bit further afield on my own, making a long-awaited pilgrimage to Potatopia, eating scones for lunch at Alice’s Tea Cup and even visiting this gal for the first time in YEARS.

IMG_1204Almost froze off my feet and the view was terrible, but it was worth it to say hello. A couple snaps from my potato adventure, and a couple more from my wanderings:

FullSizeRender (39)

FullSizeRender (38)
That’s mashed potatoes with red onions, scallions, pepperjack, vegetarian chili and sour cream. I know.



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