18. Carrboro, North Carolina


Thanks to Atlanta’s traffic, we ended up making an uplanned stop in Carrboro, the part-time home of one of my best friends. She’s a grad student at UNC (Carrboro is where many of the university’s grad students live, rather than nearby Chapel Hill, which is crawling with undergrads), and though she’s not too fond of Carrboro as a place to live, I’m definitely a fan of the area as a place to visit.

The main event, if you’re us: Beer Study, a kick-ass bar and bottle shop where you can buy hard-to-find beers on the cheap.

Notable, though not visited on this trip: Weaver Street Market, an organic co-op grocery store where you can grab ready-to-buy food and eat it outside in a lovely picnic grove–and Armadillo Grill. Because sometimes inauthentic Tex-Mex can be really good too, you know?

A note to northbound travelers: Be careful on Virginia highways. Going more than 20 mph over the speed limit or more than 80 mph–anywhere in the state, under any circumstances–can land you a reckless driving charge, which can score you a misdemeanor, a felony, or, you know, jail time. And getting yourself out of one can cost quite the pretty penny, by the time you hire an attorney and pony up for court fees. Not that I speak from experience, or anything.

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