17. Atlanta, Georgia

FullSizeRender (27)

After leaving Jackson, we slept in Birmingham, Alabama, but didn’t do anything there–which means it doesn’t qualify for a spot on the list. In Atlanta, we spent less time eating lunch than we did in Jackson eating dinner–but since we did a thing there, it counts. My blog, my rules.

(Side note: I’ve been to Birmingham before, and I love it. Look for it in a TBT post coming your way soon. Like…tomorrow.)

Atlanta wasn’t a necessary stop on the trip, but it was one I wanted to make to visit a friend, Hannes. We hit some serious traffic on the way in, but at his suggestion, we turned on OG 97.9–a classic hip hop radio station–to help pass the time (and get us into the spirit).

We met up with him at Murphy’s, a spot we chose off a list he gave us that also included Highland Bakery, Babs and Empire State South. Unfortunately, though, it was mobbed, so we walked across the street to YEAH! BURGER, an organic burger place bearing an aggressively-capped moniker.

This was the site of a very important lesson I learned, pictured above: Don’t ever buy a $9 milkshake assuming it’ll be $9 worth of good.

Anyway, what I REALLY want to see near Atlanta is Stone Mountain Park, which, from what I understand, is sort of a Confederate version of Mt. Rushmore.

stone mountain

Who knew, right?

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