Next up: Portland

I love planning, but something about trying to plan a trip to Portland has been terrifying me, and I think it’s the sheer overabundance of things I want to do–plus the grim reality that there’s no way I’m going to be able to pack them all into four days at the end of this week.

Thanks to this one-two punch, I’ve put off most of the planning until now–two days before we fly cross-country (and grab all of the frequent flier miles).

Thankfully, a few friends have pointed me in the right direction, and I think I’ve got most of the sites and food down. What remains to be figured out is how to pack in all the stores I want to visit. (While usually I keep my shopping game confined to clothes and paper, since I moved I’ve basically been drowning in a black hole of insatiable desire for rustic-chic housewares.)

Here’s the map so far…

Portland Stores

I’ll report back soon. Or I mean, whenever I catch up on this here blog. Portland is going to be city No. 38 for the year, so we’re through…less than half. Oy.

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