Dreaming of: LA

FullSizeRender (14)

It took me a long time to get to LA. For most of my life, I’d never been to California. Then I made two trips to San Diego–and only San Diego. Then came that ultra-lucky trip to San Fran. But still, LA eluded me.

And when I finally did get there a few summers ago, I think I only saw the bad parts (except for the Getty Museum. The Getty Museum was awesome).

In the 24 hours I was there, I discovered a club scene from my personal version of hell at the W Hotel pool; got more than I ever wanted of Hollywood Boulevard; and experienced traffic so bad I nearly missed my flight (like, actually. I’m pretty sure I broke at least two traffic laws and damaged the rental car just trying to return it in time to get to the airport. Thank you full-coverage insurance).

But I know there’s a lot to love about that city, and lately, I’ve wanted nothing more than to go find it. It doesn’t help that every blogger I follow either lives there or somehow visits constantly, filling my online consciousness with a steady stream of things I desperately want to buy, eat or wear.

Thanks to them, when I finally do get back to LA, I’ve got a long list of places to hit up. All of these, for example. Every single one. God help me.

P.S. This photo isn’t even from LA. It’s from Laguna Beach because I didn’t have any from LA–just another reason I need to go back. :[

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