Next up: Twin Cities

imageWe interrupt this Texas road trip recap to bring you… a list of everywhere I’m going to eat in Minneapolis and St. Paul this weekend.

My sister’s graduating from the University of Minnesota, and in trying to find a place where 8 super-picky people could get a last-minute reservation, I inadvertently spent two hours on Monday paging through the menus of every farm-to-table restaurant in the Twin Cities area. And I don’t even think I’m exaggerating.

While I couldn’t get my first picks for the group dinner, I could get some of them for the days leading up to it–one of which I’ll be exploring on my own. Booking for a party of one is so easy and empowering, comparatively speaking.

Anyway, here’s the agenda:
Red Stag Supperclub (confit new potatoes with mustard, dill and smoked crème fraiche; hand-cut fettuccine with eas, favas, preserved mushroom, white bean, chive and parmesan)
The Copper Hen (smashed potato fries with olive oil, house-made green peppercorn tarragon crème fraiche; artichoke and lentil stuffed portobello mushroom with barley succotash and red pepper cream)
Heartland (the menu changes daily, but as of Thursday the three-course prix fixe consisted of fried green tomatoes with mizuna, pickled sweet peppers and aioli; wild rice fettuccine with vegetables, beet fondant and parmesan; rhubarb cake with hazelnut macaroon, oats and rhubarb sauce)
Blackbird (chickpea griddle cake with olives and coco-chipotle sauce; green garlic soup with pickled potato, crème fraiche and black trumpet mushrooms; brussels sprout hash with friend shallots and fried sage)
112 Eatery (fresh ricotta with white truffle honey; pan-fried gnocchi with parmesan reggiano; chocolate torte with malted chocolate ice cream)
and, if I’m REALLY lucky, my sister will come with me to Brasserie Zentral or Burch Steakhouse and Pizza Bar for some pierogies.

Gonna keep this in my back pocket for the next, trip, too.

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