10. Uncertain, Texas

photo 1 (9)You know when you’re travelling and you hear about something and you’re like, how could we NOT do this? That was visiting Uncertain, Texas--a town that, according to dear old friend Wikipedia, boasted a population of 150 people as of the 2000 census.

As if the name alone wasn’t enough to prompt a trip, we’d paddled past a number of intriguing oddities on our canoe outing the day prior–including absurd lawn ornaments, a bonfire as tall as a human and advertisements for the local “waterin’ hole.”

So over we drove.

Somewhere down the line, I was told the name came from prospectors who didn’t know whether they were in Texas or had already crossed over the border to Louisiana. I was also told that Mayhaw jelly–made from a fruit that grows in the bayou–was a local specialty.

While I couldn’t confirm the former, I did try the latter after stopping at a local convenience store. It was almost neon orange in color and very, very sweet–though I was just grateful it didn’t taste anything like swamp water.

After that, it was over to Big Pines Lodge for fried okra and sweet tea (me) and fried catfish and alligator (everybody else).

photo 2 (6)

photo 4 (7)

Bidding the cypresses farewell.
Bidding the cypresses farewell.

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