8. Austin, Texas

photo 1 (15)I try to be nothing when traveling if not opportunistic–as in, taking the opportunity to see everything I can while in a new corner of the world…even if it’s not always within reason.

So when it came time to move my boyfriend Jake out of South Texas, we constructed a whirlwind of a road trip to hit some Lone Star State spots we might not have otherwise seen any time in the near future.

So basically, here’s Texas:

Texas Map

And here’s what I did to it in a week:

Texas Roadtrip Map 2

Let me tell you–that state is huge.

It all started off in Austin, a city I’ve dearly loved for its quirks, carefree attitude, low prices and breakfast tacos ever since I first went to visit my college roommate there in 2012. She still lives there, and upon arrival, she picked me up and took me to the adorable bakery/bistro where she works, Texas French Bread (I didn’t take any photos since she’s a professional photographer and handles their Instagram; thus, you can find beautiful pictures here).

From there, it was off the next morning on a weekend adventure (next post), but I did loop back to Austin before embarking on the real road trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance for a repeat shopping/ice cream trip on South Congress, hiking expedition at Mount Bonnell, or tour of the Texas State Capital. And after three trips to Austin, I’ve still somehow never been to the original Whole Foods, gone swimming at Barton Springs Pool, or visited the LBJ Library.

Thankfully, though, there was time to snag some Cowboy Queso from Kerbey Lane Cafe (a genius combination of melted cheese, black beans, guacamole and tomato–rivaled, in my opinion, by Magnolia Cafe‘s Mag Mud) and head to Chuy’s (possibly the best Tex Mex I’d ever had at that point, but that would change later on the trip) before heading out.

 photo (2)

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