In the works: Charleston and Newport

I love, love, love weddings. The joy, the flowers, the dresses, the dancing…aside from the food (generally speaking), what’s not to like? The best part, though, is getting to celebrate and support good friends, and it’s for that reason that I can’t imagine missing out on one.

As I move deeper into my late 20s, I’m dreading the day I find out two friends have chosen the same wedding date. Until that happens, though, I’m determined to keep my attendance record spotless.

I’ve already had one close call; about 6 months ago, I realized two sets of friends were getting married 24 hours (and 937 miles) apart. But being the hellbent traveler that I am, I vowed to make it to both, and I think I’ve finally got the transport puzzle solved.

All I have to say is, come October, U.S. Airways and I will either be best friends or bitter enemies–and I’m hoping its the former. And if you’re trying to get from Charleston, SC to Newport, RI on a deadline, my advice to you is, well…just don’t.

In the meantime, I’m highly anticipating what I can only assume will be a beautiful weekend with awesome friends–even if it is split between two locales. I’ve only been to Charleston for a few hours, and my last trip to Rhode Island involved little more than a Third Eye Blind concert, tickets for which I purchased on eBay while drunk at a birthday party my sophomore year of college.

Venue pics below–my friends have great taste, no?

The William Aiken House - Charleston, SC
The William Aiken House – Charleston, SC
Belle Mer, Longwood Events - Newport, RI
Belle Mer, Longwood Events – Newport, RI

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