2. Tenafly, New Jersey

photo 1 (5)My favorite thing about the East Coast is the array of options you have for getting from Point A to Point B. With the tried-and-true US Airways DC-Boston shuttle pricing me out on New Year’s Day, I flew to New York’s JFK instead and road-tripped it up to Massachusetts with a friend. The best part? A stop in Tenafly, New Jersey. The reason? Bagels.

I acknowledge that I’m no food critic. But I dare you to find me a bagel better than those at Tenafly’s Celebrity Bagels. If you ever have occasion to cross the GW Bridge from New York (not that Celebrity isn’t occasion enough) and want to eat a bagel that tastes like a magical cloud, here’s a handy map:

Celebrity Map

You can thank me later.

I also got to see this guy, one of my other favorite parts of going to Tenafly. He’s a little harder to visit without an appointment, but you can follow him on Instagram at @milo_fat_cat, and I highly recommend you do.

photo 2 (3)

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