1. Washington, District of Columbia

photo 1 (2)I rang in the new year in what’s techhhnically my home base. While DC and I have somewhat of a…complicated relationship, it sure can be pretty sometimes. A 34-degree bike ride from Washington to Lincoln was in order to close out 2014, and while I don’t recommend doing it without gloves, it was a great first experience with Capital Bikeshare. It’s as simple as swiping a credit card, punching in an unlock code, and voila–the bike is yours to ride around and dump off at any bikeshare location you’d like when you’re finished. I can imagine it’s a great way to see the city when you can actually feel your limbs.

Followed it up with a trip to see these guys at a terrible event I won’t even glorify with a name. It was worth it though, as always.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (4)

Now, time to hit the road. Talk to you soon from the Northeast!

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