Dreaming of: Belize’s Great Blue Hole

So I do have a Eurotrip that I’m behind on posting, but first, let’s take a quick pause to look at Belize’s Great Blue Hole.


How cool is that?

The Great Blue Hole is a large, underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize–the world’s largest natural formation of its kind–measuring more than 984 feet across and 410 feet deep, according to belize.com. And I really, really want to see it.

But herein lies a problem. The options, as far as my preliminary research so far yields:

1. Scuba dive. Aside from the facts that a) I’m not certified and b) this sounds mortally terrifying, reviews say you don’t see all that much down there. It’s a long, expensive trip for not a whole lot of wildlife, as dives apparently go.

2. Snorkel. This somehow sounds even more mortally terrifying while presenting the same challenges as diving.

3. Fly. More than a few companies seem to be advertising helicopter adventures that can give you a bird’s eye view. While flights like these, in my experience, are relatively short and very expensive, they’ve so far been worth it; after flying over Dubai’s man-made islands and Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, I’m sold on their sight-seeing merits.

So it looks like all I need now is a couple hundred dollars and a plane ticket to Belize. There’s a reason I titled this post “Dreaming of.”

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