Next up: Belgium

Belgium MapSomething about Belgium has been calling out to me every since I studied it for my fifth grade country report. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I certainly know what it is now, and that something is beer.

Two years spent living in the birthplace of bottom-fermenting beer will turn you into somewhat of a snob, as I discovered upon moving back to the States in late 2011. So now, we’re headed to Belgium to see what it’s got to offer, with fingers crossed that those offerings include better (and cheaper) sours and lambics than you’ll find around here.

On the agenda: Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and Antwerp. We’ll round it off with a few days in Prague to revisit our former home and the place that started our own personal love affair with lager.

À bientôt/Tot gauw/Uvidíme se později!

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