Greetings from: Chicago

Grant Park EntranceWhile most of my time this trip has been devoted to a friend’s wedding festivities, baseball games, work and hiding from the rain, I did have a chance to sneak in an architectural walking tour. I highly recommend any of the Chicago Architecture Foundation‘s tours for both tourists AND locals–they’re led by volunteer docents who make them both extremely informative and fun.

Since my sisters and I got my mom a membership for her birthday back in March, we’ve been trying to go beyond the popular boat tour (a must, but wait ’til it’s warm out) and focus on specific areas of the city. This time, we zeroed in on the South Loop for a tour dubbed “From Vice to Nice,” a throwback to the 1800’s. It focused mainly on the area of Michigan Avenue just south of Jackson before ending at the historic Dearborn Station.

It was not a nice September day–to say the least–but I did get some grade-A exploring in before heading to Gioco for the first time. I’m no restaurant reviewer, as I’m sure you’ll learn, but for what it’s worth I’d say it’s worth a visit, too.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

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