Dreaming of: Canada by rail

Via Map
Courtesy of viarail.ca

I just found you can take a train from Vancouver to Toronto, so my workday is basically over.

Let me first explain, without really explaining, that 3/5 of my family is irrationally obsessed with Canada. When I say irrationally, understand that the closest thing my dad, my sister Betsy and I have to an explanation is a mutual love for our northern neighbor’s national anthem.

About six years ago, we started taking trips to hear our beloved “O Canada” in action, and the rest is history. This country remains one of my favorite in the universe, anthem or no anthem.

So imagine my delight upon finding¬†the “Explore our destinations” page (http://www.viarail.ca/en/explore-our-destinations/trains) on the VIA Rail Canada website, brought to my attention by the October issue of National Geographic Traveler. While the cross-country route, “The Canadian,” is calling my name, the teal-ish line that extends up to Churchill, Manitoba (can you say polar bears?) and the Montreal-Halifax trip also caught my eye (since I’ve always called my dog, Hallie, Halifax as a nickname. Again, who says this has to be rational?)

Here’s the promo video for The Canadian, which¬†pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject.

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