42. Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

1. Harper's Ferry 1

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Any time I can drive an hour and cross a state line is a pretty exciting time. When I can cross more than one, it’s a grade-A thrill. Throw in tubing and a picnic, and it’s basically a personal holiday.

That’s precisely why I convinced 6 people to pre-pay for a tubing trip in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, all the while strategically neglecting to mention a forecast featuring an 80% chance of rain (shh). I was determined not to let the weather dissuade my fellow day-trippers after already having seen two separate trips fall through, and luckily, it held off…for the most part.

After a 1h15m drive and a top-notch picnic (still summer over here!), the tubing trip itself was short–about 1.5 hours–but long enough, considering it consisted wholly of floating on completely flat water. The company we went through (www.riverriders.com) dropped us off at the Shenandoah river and then picked us up and brought us back to its HQ at the end, so all we really had to do was show up and sign a waiver.

Although we didn’t actually go into Harper’s Ferry (a beautiful, historic town with some great hikes that we can talk about later), we did get some great hill views from the river. The area boasts a piece of the Appalachian Trail, after all. But as I’ve already lost one iPhone to the sea this summer, I chose to stash mine in the car, so I didn’t get much in the way of pictures. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

1. Harper's Ferry 1
View from the passenger’s seat on the drive in
Picnic + crew
Picnic + crew

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